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  • This book is the current missionary book of the year (2009) for the entire General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.The good is that things are written with authority ? Christ is coming back, and we need to prepare.

  • He is Coming English

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    This book He is Coming amplifies the sound of the final Hour. It enumerates the signs of that fateful moment that Jesus Himself has given, and then juxtaposes these signs to the course of our present history. Warning interweave with promises in the book’s pages. This marvelous global event- the sound Advent of Jesus – should not catch you unprepared. Nor should you face it with a trembling heart. You can make your own countdown or join others with the greatest excitement possible! He is Coming !

  • If you were drowning and someone tossed you a life preserver, would you refuse it and try to swim to safety on your own? Or would you grab it immediately and cling to it for dear life? The answer is obviousyoud snatch up the life preserver in a heartbeat!But what if your eternal life was at stake? Would you insist on trying to save yourself? Or would you let God rescue you?If you’ve ever thought that the Christian life is just too difficultor even impossibletake a deep breath, find a comfortable chair, and face reality. It is too difficultif you dont know Jesus personally. No matter what you do (or dont do), you dont stand a chance without Him.